Development Programs

LLC "Zagorsky" comprehensive employee development program comprises two key elements. Above all, it ensures employees have the skills and qualifications they need to address the immediate challenges facing the company. The second key element of the program involves training personnel in order to ensure the fulfilment of LLC "Zagorsky" strategic plans which means developing those skills and competencies the company will need in the future. This system is predicated on the continued professional development of both technical and managerial personnel, at all levels.

All employees in the company’s talent pool receive an individual personal development plan based on the “70/20/10” principle — whereby 70 percent of time is allocated to on-the-job training, 20 percent to mentoring and coaching, and 10 percent to distance learning, web-based independent study, and so on

Through such education and development employees are expected to acquire all of the technical and managerial competencies necessary to ensure optimum effectiveness in their work throughout the company. The company prioritizes professional and technical training. Each employee’s training and development is planned on the basis of 80 percent of their time being spent on technical training, and no more than 80 percent on more general corporate and managerial development.

Corporate development programs are formulated consistent with the strategic objectives of the company, and an evaluation of the managerial and professional competencies of individual employees.