Graduates Students

To meet this goal we have established a system for specialists training and development, which allows the employees to improve their efficiency and lays basis for career advancement.

LLC "Zagorsky" fully covers the cost of courses, which employees can take to upgrade their qualifications. We are interested in young and prospective specialists and are happy to see the graduates from vocational training establishments among our employees. Senior students of the intermediate vocational education establishments are welcome to participate in the training courses at the Group's facilities. Having started as an apprentice, they can return to the facility to continue the development of their career after they graduate and receive a diploma.

Higher educational establishments and students

Acutely conscious of its role in driving educational standards within the industry, the company partners with the most prestigious higher educational establishments in the country, sponsoring the development of their scientific resources and infrastructure, and providing career advice to students.

Being employed with LLC "Zagorsky" as a member of the professional team with long-standing experience in the area of oil refining, petroleum product sales, and power generation, development and introduction of new technologies gives you confidence about the future!

What we offer to our employees:

  • social programs and support;
  • competitive fringe benefits;
  • professional and career opportunities;
  • as well as an environment that facilitates realization of their personal potential;
  • team work with highly competent mentors.