Corruption Prevention

Corruption prevention is an integral part of the company’s activities and its culture – both in relations with the partners and private entities and the governmental authorities. The company has developed its own anti-corruption policy and regularly undergoes the procedure for confirmation of the anti corruption measures implementation. In 2017, we conducted an independent anti-corruption audit, which has identified several areas for improvement, and the training course for the employees has been developed under its results.

The program of this training is based on the best international practices in the area of corruption prevention system development, up-to-date international studies, observation of the auditor and is customized for our company with account of the industry peculiarities. The target audience of the training events conducted in the Company are all employees of LLC "Zagorsky" including top management.

The anti-corruption clauses have been integrated into the contracts and agreements with the partners and contractors, labor contracts with the employees of LLC "Zagorsky", contracts on material remuneration of the Russian employees working abroad as well as the number of regulatory documents regulating the business processes associated with high corruption risk.

Considering that we carry out activities in different jurisdictions, we need to account for the local and international laws for corruption prevention and not turn blind eye to the associated risks. Presence of risk is a usual thing, it is the indicator of the company’s moving forward and operating. However, only through knowing and assessing these risks in timely manner we would be able to take proper measures to protect our employees, company and, ultimately, the state. The reputation with the foreign colleagues is not less important than the reputation within the home country.

Corruption definition

In accordance with the Article 1 of the Federal law dated 25.12.2008 No. 273-ФЗ “On corruption prevention”, the following actions are deemed to be corruption:

b) performance of actions indicated in the sub-clause “a” on behalf or for the benefit of a legal entity;

а) abuse of official position, giving bribe, taking bribe, abuse of power or authority, commercial tampering or any other illegal use of job position by any person contradicting the interests of the society and the state for the purpose of gaining benefits in the form of cash, valuables, other property or monetized services, other property rights for own benefit or for the benefit of third persons or illegal provision of such benefit for the indicated person by other persons.