Health and Safety

LLC "Zagorsky" is fully committed to putting the life and health of its employees above operational results, and is aware of its responsibility for ensuring accident-free operations and safe labor conditions for its employees, as well as protecting the health of the population in the areas in which it operates. LLC "Zagorsky" has in place an occupational health and safety management system, which is part of a wider management system and ensures risk management based on the key principle of prioritizing prevention over incident containment and response.

The Company is engaged in exploration, production, processing and sales of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons, which implies setting up complex technological processes for operating fire and explosion hazardous facilities. Operation of fire and explosion hazardous facilities requires that work and services at hazardous production facilities be performed in strict compliance with industrial safety laws.

The main efforts in the area of labor safety (LS), as a system for preserving the life and health of workers in the course of labor activity, LLC "Zagorsky" focus on providing safe working conditions.

This task is implemented by the Company within the framework of the Labor Safety Management System included in its HSE IMS, by complying with state regulatory requirements for labor safety, taking into account the specifics of the oil and gas industry, the scale and characteristics of the operating environment of its activities, the achievements of modern science (including scientific centers included in the Company) and best practices, as well as voluntary additional commitments and procedures based on international, interstate and national standards . So, for example, the results of a special assessment of working conditions established by the legislation of the Russian Federation are invariably taken into account in the process of identifying hazards and managing health risks for personnel, implemented in accordance with the requirements of the HSE IMS of the Company and the OHSAS 18001: 2008 standard underlying it.

Leadership and Safety Culture

The basis for the implementation of strategic goals to ensure safe working conditions in the Company is leadership and the maintenance of a high culture of safe work and the right attitude to environmental protection. All executives in the Company are personally responsible for achieving the HSE goals, including by demonstrating by personal example the appropriate safe behavior and leadership in HSE.

The main tasks of the leader in the area of HSE - to apply in practice, demonstrate to others the importance of compliance with the HSE requirements, to ensure compliance with them and to follow the principles established in the Company's HSE Policy, including by promoting the correct safe behavior of the employees, as well as to control their execution. Chief Executive Officer of the Company is a leading guide in the formation and development of leadership in the area of HSE at the level of the entire Company. In the business units in the areas of activity, the highest vice-presences in the area of HSE are shown by the respective vice-presidents - curators of GC, who act as representatives of the senior management on HSE IMS in their units. At the level of the GC, the leadership qualities are exhibited by their leaders, who allocate resources for the HSE; Heads of structural units (SU), chief specialists, foremen, crew-leaders, etc.