Labor Protection

Protection of the lives and health of its personnel in its daily business LLC "Zagorsky" key priority. To solve this task, the Company implements a whole set of measures provided for by the effective legislation, including legal, social and economic, organizational and technical, sanitary and hygienic, preventive medical, rehabilitation and other measures.

The Company ensures full compliance with the legislative requirements in terms of the guarantees and compensations payable to the employees, and assumes a number of additional obligations under the 2015—2017 Agreement between the Employer and the Trade Union Association.

Based on the SWA results, the Company fully compensates its employees for harmful labor conditions in the form of a shorter working week, additional leave, and higher remuneration depending on the extent of personal injuries sustained at the workplace. A separate clause of the Agreement makes it impossible for the employer to impair the compensation terms for the employees who were eligible to compensations as of the effective date of the SWA legislation, unless the respective employees were transferred to the improved category (sub-category) of labor conditions.

Mandatory initial (pre-employment), periodic and thorough medical examinations, as well as unscheduled medical examinations shall be provided at the employees’ request, in compliance with medical recommendations, at the employer’s expense, with the workplace and average salary retained for the period of medical examination including payment of travel expenses to occupational pathology centers, if appropriate.

In 2018 commissions for occupational safety, technical labor inspection of the trade union organizations, jointly with social inspectors conducted more than 10,000 various inspections and examinations. As part of inspections special attention was paid to the provision of special personal and collective protective equipment to the employees, timely medical examinations, implementation of measures based on the SWA outcomes and payment of compensations for work in harmful labor conditions.