Social Priorities

Corporate social responsibility is a fundamental principle of LLC "Zagorsky" operation. The Company's activities in this area are of systematic nature and they are aimed at creating efficient and safe working places, securing social protection of workers and members of their families, ongoing professional development of staff and maintaining a favorable social environment in the regions of the Company's activity.

Being a socially responsible member of society, the Company shall assume the following commitments to all the parties interested in the Company's operations:

  • strive to ensure that every employee will be truly proud to work for the Company;
  • cooperate with public organizations;
  • apply the latest technological achievements;
  • take care of the environment;
  • be intolerant to violations of labor and social discipline, corruption and bribery;
  • act in accordance with the highest ethical standards;
  • use its resources with maximum efficiency;
  • openly inform its shareholders, customers and employees about its activities;
  • appreciate and respect the employees;
  • protect the rights of the shareholders;
  • act in accordance with prevailing laws;
  • be a responsible partner of the State.

Social and charitable programs implemented in the areas of the Company's activity are an important part of LLC "Zagorsky" social policy. LLC "Zagorsky" creates the conditions for its own long-term successful development through active participation in the public life of the society.